Interested in joining our football club?


Who can play for the SUNRISE COYOTES?

Sunrise Coyotes will consist of girls and boys ages 8 to 15.  Coyotes do not require any experience; it is never to late to start playing football. 

Where should my child register?

According to MMFA regulations, if you live in the RM of either Brokenhead or Springfield, you will register with the Sunrise Coyotes. 

Who do we play against?

All minor football teams are members in the MMFA. We will play usually 
8 games during the season, which will be set up by MMFA. Our opponents will include teams from all over the province (Steinbach, Portage La Prarie) and Winnipeg (St. Vital, Nomads, Transcona, etc.,).

What equipment do you need to play?

JUST YOUR SHOES Sunrise Coyotes players will be loaned equipment for the football season. All we ask is Coyotes and parents respect the equipment that is loaned and that it will be returned after the season. Coyotes will be expected to air out equipment between practices and games. Coyote jerseys and pants will need to be washed; however, pads should be kept out of the washing machine. We want our Coyotes to be clean - wearing a dirty uniform during a game is unacceptable. Each Coyote will be responsible to have a clean uniform every game. Mouth guards, if needed to be replaced, is the responsibility of the Coyote. Coyotes understand that football is a contact sport and equipment will have its share of repairs or replacements. Coyotes will never sacrifice a player's safety.  Equipment fitting will be announced closer to the start of the season.

When does the Coyotes season start?

The MMFA schedule runs from the beginning of August to the Championship weekend at the end of October. The Sunrise Coyotes will rely on the head coaches' discretion to set up practice times. The average is 2-3 practices per week with one game on the weekend. 

Coyotes will understand that football is an outdoor sport and never assume your practice or game is cancelled until you hear it from the team manager.

What about vacations and other sports?

We understand that summers are short and that our children are involved in many activities. However, unlike other clubs, we will not demand that you chose one sport – and with enough advance notice, we can accommodate missed practices. No child should be denied the right to play football because life is busy.